Founded in 1978, Texport Syndicate India Limited - Advanced Material Division is an advanced and technical garment manufacturer & solution provider, who wake up every day & strive to make life a bit safer than yesterday. We are born with a motive to innovate, innovate to protect people against foul weather, natural disasters, work place hazards to ensure a safer life of people around the world & to protect environment with bio-degradable and sustainable solutions.

Our innovative and high performance technical textile garment solutions ensure protection against extreme conditions of heat, water, wind, snow, fire, electric arc & flash fire, welding, molten metal, liquid chemicals exposures etc. Our coated and laminated industrial functional fabric solutions provide an option to the people in the industries like Print Media, Military Tents, Black Out, Wall Décor, Pond Liners, Antiskid, Pharma & Medicals, Backpacks, Upholstery & Home Furnishings, Stain & Oil Resistant, Dust Resistant, Air Cleaning etc.

We care for you and so we walk an extra mile to provide you with sustainable solutions.

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